As a writer and performer, I look for the connections between our individual stories and lived experiences.

I find that when readers or audience members are able to find these connections, they can then explore the places of resonance in their own lives and in the world. I understand writing and performance as forms of activism… our words, our creations, our art, can and do make a difference in the world.  This page offers a small sampling of some of my writing and creative work. For a full listing of my academic publications, please click on More Academic Publications, below.


And Now, This Body: Trans Bodies as Sources of Wisdom in Death and Dying.

A piece I wrote for Geez Magazine, exploring these themes within pandemic times, as well as an audio recording of the piece recorded for Geez Out Loud.

Embodying Queer Pedagogy: Autoethnographic Explorations After Orlando. 

A chapter I wrote exploring the impact on my teaching practices of the mass shooting in the Orlando LGBTQ Pulse nightclub.

(With Carl Leggo)… Six Moments. 

A chapter I co-wrote with my academic mentor, Dr. Carl Leggo, where we explored our relationship as allies, colleagues, and friends.

Wrestling With the Angels of Ambiguity: Queer Paths in Contemplative Activism. 

An example of some of my academic writing where I played with theatre and humor to explore complex issues within my writing.