As a writer and performer, I most often begin with the personal, the specific, the vulnerable…

I find that when readers or audience members are able to find connections with these specific experiences, they can then explore the places of resonance in their own lives and in the world. I understand writing and performance as forms of activism… our words, our creations, our art, can and do make a difference in the world.  This page offers a small sampling of some of my writing and creative work. For a full listing of my academic publications, please click on More Academic Publications, below.


And Now, This Body: Trans Bodies as Sources of Wisdom in Death and Dying.

A piece I wrote for Geez Magazine, exploring these themes within pandemic times, as well as an audio recording of the piece recorded for Geez Out Loud.

Embodying queer pedagogy: Autoethnographic explorations after Orlando. 

A chapter I wrote exploring the impact on my teaching practices of the mass shooting in the Orlando LGBTQ Pulse nightclub.

(with Carl Leggo)… Six moments. 

A chapter I co-wrote with my academic mentor, Dr. Carl Leggo, where we explored our relationship as allies, colleagues, and friends.

Wrestling with the angels of ambiguity: Queer paths in contemplative activism. 

An example of some of my academic writing where I played with theatre and humor to explore complex issues within my writing.