Workshops and Retreats

I design and facilitate workshops and retreats, including teambuilding, communication, arts/creativity, contemplative practices, and Theatre of the Oppressed. I bring decades of experience in program design, group facilitation, applied theatre, arts and spirituality, and conflict transformation to this work. All workshops and retreats are offered online and in person, depending on current covid restrictions.

What I Offer

This participatory theatre methodology offers powerful ways to engage in embodied conversations about social change, justice-making, identity, group process, and more. I’m fortunate to have trained directly with Augusto Boal, originator of these methods, and continue to find Theatre of the Oppressed an extraordinary approach for getting to the heart of what matters most.

This workshop offers us time to step back from the rush of our day to day lives, slow down, reflect, and recharge. Drawing on a range of accessible creative practices, we give voice to our own stories, and we practice deep listening—to ourselves, to each other, and to that which is greater in our lives.

In this workshop, we look at the ways that we engage in the gloriously challenging work of acknowledging and celebrating diversity. Together, we look at what it means to do this work intersectionality, with an awareness of the many identities and experiences people bring to our communities, as well as the internal work each of us needs to engage to do this work lovingly and well.

In this workshop, we explore how contemplative practices connect to and inform our activism in the world. Together, we engage in contemplative practice, reflect on our own activist journeys, and offer and receive deep listening about the joys and challenges of these aspects of our lives.

In consultation with you, I can create and facilitate custom designed workshops and retreats, from 1 hour to multiple days. Let’s talk together about what you need, and how I can help!